October 30, 2013

Recovery Programs Work!

“For the longest time I was mad at something and I didn’t know exactly what it was. Angry at life, job, finances, the color of my skin, the way I was brought up, the uncle that sexually molested me, the grandmother who no matter what I did found fault in it, the mother who abandon me months after I was born, and the father I never knew existed until three months before he was killed. The anger festered in me and manifested itself in my character defects. I let my anger dictate the way I responded to everything and everyone.

The program has taught me to address these issues. It has taught me that I had poor coping skills. I now realize that I had addictive behavior long before I took my first drink at t he age of 7. And just like anything that a person continues to spend time in, it grew and grew and grew. This program has taught me that drinking and drugging was only 10% of my problem. Addiction was only the anger representing itself to the world through my actions. Hurt people, hurt people.

This program has taught me to sit still and address issues that I had thought were a blur in my memory. I know now to face my problems head on. I have learned that my thoughts aren’t always the best thought. After all my good thinking got me here. ‘If only I could return to the person I was before I started to use drugs…’ How many of us have muttered those words. Now I say ‘God can you decrease my will so that I can be the person you would like for me to be.’ No one is perfect but we can all strive to be the best person we can be. No program is perfect but each individual has to finally completely surrender. No reservations. Its all what you make it.”


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