VARR members provide the highest level of service to their residents and clients throughout Virginia. Members have been accredited through VARR’s rigorous screening process, thus ensuring top-notch services. VARR also presents a collaborative voice for recovery residences throughout our Commonwealth and works ensure that everyone in recovery is able to access programs that offer high quality recovery residences.

Current Members:

Real Life

406 E Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Mission: to assist individuals who have been impacted by incarceration or those battling addiction to overcome barriers and obstacles faced within the community that hinder their prosperity and their ability to have a thriving future.

REAL House - male recovery house in South Richmond
REAL LIFE Community Center - one-stop-shop with services provided to any adult needing assistance. Primarily serve those exiting incarceration, addicts, and homeless through free services at the Center.

Director: Sarah Scarbrough

Contact Info:

  • 804-322-3311

Atmosphere of Recovery

6107 Clover Ln , Henrico, VA 23228

We have 14 beds in 2 homes, one in Lakeside and one in the East End minutes from Rockettes Landing. We offer men seeking clean living a home away from home atmosphere in a safe, nonjudgemental surrounding.
Meetings are not required, but recommended. Drug screening mandatory.

Contact Info:

True Recovery

7809 Biscayne rd, Henrico, VA 23294

Level 2 standard housing under the National Standard. We have 34 beds in our four Richmond Henrico area locations. We offer men and women a safe family like recovery atmosphere.

Areas of service are recovery coaching and specialized shadow programs.

Contact Info:

WAR Foundation – REAL Recovery

Additionally Managing , REAL Recovery Houses, VA 23228

Level 2 Housing in Henrico and Richmond, VA


Vision Statement

Our vision at the WAR Foundation is for the recovering addict to incorporate their recovery into living their life. Our view is that recovery is not something we do or did, but it’s the way we live. Our goal is for each and every member in our housing to live a fulfilling life in recovery, while becoming responsible, productive members of society. Through peer to peer recovery, and an introduction to 12 step fellowships, we help our members construct their lives on a solid foundation of recovery that can carry them through their daily lives.



At the Willing Addicts Recovering Foundation we have declared WAR on the disease of addiction! Our mission is to help those fighting addiction, by providing a clean and safe living environment with recovery, unity and love at the center. We deploy methods of authentic peer-to-peer recovery support in our housing along with regular 12step meeting attendance, random drug testing, structured living and responsibility, with a supportive recovery community behind each person. Our founders have achieved long-term recovery from these very methods that continue to work in the lives of many others. We believe in not instructing others on how to find recovery, but rather in showing others the path to recovery by leading through the power of example. The only battle that’s lost is the battle that we never begin to fight, but with just a desire and shred of willingness we help those find a new way of life. Recovery isn’t something we do or did it’s the way in which we live. The miracle isn’t that we finish or graduate because this is journey without a destination in which we learn to embrace each day. The miracle is that we have the courage to start! The WAR Foundation is about changing lives and restoring families and letting each person know that they are somebody, and that somebody is capable of achieving any dream they want as long as they are willing to put in the work. We are Willing Addicts Recovering and addiction doesn’t define us Recovery does!

We are serving Men and Women in the Henrico and Richmond, Virginia area.

Give us a call for more information:

Anthony Grimes, President: 804-489-4224
Kate Gilreath, CEO: 804-237-4011
Ginny Thrasher, Women’s Housing Director: 804-652-7522

Contact Info:

Eco Flats Apartments

611 Brook Road, Apt. 14, Richmond, VA 23220

Providing Clean and Sober Collegiate Recovery Residences
- Perfect for college students seeking a clean environment
- Walking distance from VCU campus, VUU, and J Sargent Reynolds
- Approved residence for Richmond Drug Court
- Newly renovated 2 bedroom apartments (18 apartments; 65 beds total)
- 24-7 on-site management, facilitated by McShin Foundation
- Furnished; with free wifi
- Serving men, women, 18+ college students, and couples
- Right off of several bus lines

GIve us a call for more info!
Hannah Newsome (Director): (804) 393-3647

Contact Info:

McShin Foundation

2300 Dumbarton Road, Richmond, VA 23228

Level 3 Houses

McShin is operated by a 30-person staff and directed by 15-member non-profit Board of Directors, creating a diverse but cohesive community of support. In addition, each of our eight recovery residences is managed by a house leader and assistant house leader, providing increased accountability and stability for our residential participants. These residences are all state and nationally certified recovery residences. Nearly all McShin staff are in recovery, peer leaders, and are certified recovery coaches through our NAADAC approved Recovery Coach Training Curriculum. McShin delivers a peer model of recovery and has linkage to professional medical & detox services as well.

Participants in the foundation’s residential program are subject to scheduled and random drug screens, required to participate in a strenuous 60-hour week (7 day) program delivered by peers and staff. Group attendance includes participation faith based, recovery & relapse prevention, 12-step meetings, recovery yoga and acupuncture, as well as attending weekly non-denominational spiritual services. Participants are required to participate in frequent social, advocacy and like-minded events, which often includes engaging in service work and community service. McShin recovery housing and programs serve many populations including reentry individuals from jails, prisons or institutions. The organization provides services recognized by the Richmond, Hanover, and Henrico areas judicial system as a proven successful alternative to incarceration for individuals in the court system due to non-violent drug related crimes.

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