Membership Application


There are many Recovery Residences throughout Virginia. Many provide safe, ethical, and nurturing housing for the populations they serve. There are some, however; that do not. VARR approved houses demonstrate adherence to a rigorous set of standards. Compliance is affirmed through submission of extensive documentation, annual onsite inspections, participation in sponsored training, and events and responsiveness to all reported concerns and/or grievances. ​VARR approved houses demonstrate adherence to a rigorous set of standards that is produced at the National level through NARR. National Standards can be reviewed at

Levels of Support as defined by the National Alliance of Recovery Residences:

Level One Houses – Peer Run

  • Offer solely drug screenings and house meetings
  • Are generally single-family residences
  • Have No paid positions within the residence

Level Two Houses – Monitored

  • Also offer involvement in self help services and peer run groups
  • Could possibly be apartments or other dwelling types
  • Have at least one compensated person

Level Three Houses – Supervised

  • Also offer in-house service hours and life skills development emphasis
  • Vary in housing type and residential setting
  • Have a facility manager and certified staff or case managers

Level Four Houses – Service Provider

  • Also offer in-house clinical services and programming
  • Are various in type and may be a more institutional environment
  • Have a credentialed staff


  1. Complete VARR’s Membership Application and return to VARR President David Rook. The application can be emailed to David Rook at ​690.2204 ​or the Executive Director Kate Gilreath at ​​ ​804.237.4011​.
  2. Once your house passes inspection, be prepared to pay the inspector your annual membership fee of $500.00 a year. There is a $50.00 payment for every additional house. Check made payable to VARR. Inspection fee is included with yearly membership. ​If the housing is located outside of a 50 mile radius from Richmond, an additional travel fee for the inspector will be required and dependent on the location of the inspection.
  3. If you do not pass inspection, you will have one month to address the items that did not pass inspection; VARR will conduct a follow up inspection at that time.
  4. After passing inspections and membership fees paid, your organization will be provided with a VARR member certificate, as well as a high-res VARR logo to put on your website. Each house will be provided with an inspection certificate to display.

Download, complete, and submit an application for your organization today! (Online application for coming soon)

Download Application (PDF)