VARR Mission Statement:

Set high levels of standards for quality recovery residences in Virginia and accredit residences that meet such rigorous criteria.

VARR Vision Statement:

As Virginia’s only NARR accredited body, we build the highest level of quality recovery residences, so all Virginians seeking safe recovery residences can have timely access to effective services.

shinholserWhat Is VARR?

  • We Are Virginia’s Unified Voice for Recovery Housing

What We Do

  • Create, monitor, evaluate, and continually improve recovery residence standards and measures of quality;
  • Accredit recovery residences who meet criteria and standards of VARR;
  • A voice for social model recovery programs in Virginia, which includes recovery treatment programs that provides housing to clients;
  • Ensure ethical practices by members;
  • Maintain a forum for exchanging ideas, lending support, problem solving, and developing new and existing residential programs;
  • Provide community education and member training that enhances competency and individual growth of residents, their families, and peer recovery supports along with facility staff, volunteers and others in the recovery community;
  • Promote recovery within the community;
  • Ensure quality and safe recovery residences, through annual re-accreditation processes.

More About VARR:

  • Strives to ensure integrity of Virginia’s recovery residences and the program services they provide to addicts and alcoholics in need.
  • Recognizes that recovery takes time and that residential support has many facets, yet residences are required to follow standards and best practices.
  • Affirms the necessity of a continuum of care to adequately address the total needs of the addicted community, which housing being a large component in the continuum.
  • VARR Member Accreditation and Re-Accreditation: This set of standards is adopted from the National Alliance of Recovery Residences’ guidelines, but has been refined by VARR’s Board of Directors, in order to ensure the highest level of integrity is present.
  • The accreditation process begins when the application is received in the VARR office. Upon receipt of application a site visit will be scheduled and performed by a member of the VARR staff or Board of Directors. No claims of approval can be made until the Standard Survey is completed and approved by VARR Board of Directors.
  • Upon approval, members should display their VARR certificate, “Member of the Virginia Association of Recovery Residences” in all facility literature. Certificate of membership should be displayed in the facility. A link to the VARR website should be inserted in the facility website home page.